At Kaivalya Education Foundation, founded in 2008, we employ a bottom-up approach to solving the intertwined problems in the public education system at scale. Through ongoing ground support driving innovation on the field, we develop geography-specific, tech-based solutions to improve leadership and processes. The foundation thus established works to re-shape education delivery for the future such that every child, regardless of background, can avail of the life chances she deserves.

It is this approach that is the bedrock of creating empowered generations across the country.

Our three levels
of Intervention

In Schools

Innovation in Action in 50000 Schools with Headmasters and Teachers

We enhance the inherent leadership abilities of headmasters and teachers, who are the primary change agents in education, to enhance school processes, cultivate community ownership, and revolutionize K to 12 education.

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In Districts

Collaboration in Action in 30 Districts with Communities and the Government

Our 360-degree approach includes district leadership strengthening, putting in place robust government mechanisms to enhance the education delivery system of the district, coupled with intensive community engagement.

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In States

Sustainability in Action in 15 States through ensuring Effective Processes and Systems

Out-of-the-box ideas contribute to re-energizing leadership training, even as we design customized talent management systems, and re-engineer processes at the state level so that change is reflected and sustained across the system.

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Edge in Implementation

Knowledge - Youth - Women

Engage with Government Officials and the community

The Piramal School of Leadership is our flagship leadership development initiative in partnership with the Piramal group. The institute harnesses and builds on the innate leadership capabilities of government school headmasters and officials through adult learning principles

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The Change Story of Jhunjhunu

Our impact is best looked at in Jhunjhunu, Kaivalya’s Innovation Hub

Since 2008, Jhunjhunu has achieved rank 2 in National Achievement Survey through interventions aimed at improving school processes, teaching practices, community leadership, and moving education out of classrooms. This has been supported by our innovations in the District processes such as Jan Andolan, No Bag Day, Collector ki Class, Baste ka Bojh Kam, Coach and Facilitator Trainings, etc,.

The success of our experiments to improve learning outcomes here is balanced on the three-pronged approach of strengthening school, community, and district leadership.

From 2019 onwards, Jhunjhunu is set to host a much wider variety of experiments on a well-built system in early childhood education, secondary education, global leadership, and socio-emotional and ethical learning. Through the transformation of K-12 education as a whole, we aim to develop Jhunjhunu as a model district for scaling holistic system development in the country.


For greater joy and greater impact, we have a hands on approach to connect and collaborate with our donors


Cosmos Maya

Partners in our journey to uninterrupted digital learning and teaching.


One of our largest supporters, PF has backed all our new innovations and experiments. Currently in over 26 districts across five states in India, we have reached more than 70 lakh students and 54000 schools to create a holistic ecosystem for child development.

Piramal Foundation

We partnered with TCL since July 2016 in schools and children in Gurgaon, Haryana. Building on their expertise, we experimented with digitally enabling our interventions to improve the learning outcomes of students.

Tata Communications Limited

We teamed up with Genpact to synergize our efforts to solve large scale problems through process re-engineering. Together, we are working for the systematic transformation of the education system in India and making public education accessible to communities both urban and rural.


National Council for School

State Goverment

We have partnered with Wadhwani Foundation, a not for profit organisation scaling impact in 20 countries across Asia, Africa and Latin America on 21st Century Employability Skills. The course offered to our fellows empowers students to acquire, sustain and progress in family supporting jobs by providing them on demand, AI – enabled access to high quality skilling.

Wadhwani Foundation

Boston Consulting Group


New York University


Emory University