Life @KEF

Meaning, Learning, Joy, and Pride

In the Impact Business, staying driven is the fuel.

The KEF tribe is driven by the Purpose in our audacious goal, Autonomy in our decision-making, and Mastery in our cross-disciplined career trajectories.

  • We explore the meaning of compassionate and selfless service, with the solidarity of a community.
  • We thrive on diverse world views and learning in ambiguity, with autonomy to evolve our ideas.
  • We pride ourselves on our accomplishments and failures equally, with wide opportunities to learn.
  • We enjoy self-transformation and building deep expertise, with impact seen on a large-scale.

Welcome to the KEF Tribe

“Finding your tribe is important, to be able to share your trials and tribulations in creating ideas and knowing it won’t come to fruition for the next three years. To perfect one solution in a 15-page document of directives takes seven and half years. That’s where the tribe steps in.”

Srivashist Sekar, one of our 162 Program Managers, has been working with the Government Institution in Rajasthan to take their education innovations at the State level. Listen to him talk about his experiences in identifying problems, the mindset of Changemakers in our organisation, and the importance of finding your tribe.

Listen to the Tribe