Future-Ready Schools

Our Aim

Make Indian schools future-ready by building their abilities to perform in the PISA examinations by innovating Indian education practices at par with global standards.



Schools intervened


Children impacted


Panchayat elementary education officials capacitated


School teachers capacitated

Pillars of Future-Ready Schools

Early child skills

  • Basic Language Numeric
  • Social Emotional
  • Fine & Gross Motor
  • Creative Thinking

Foundational Skills

  • Language Literacy
  • Mathematical Literacy
  • Scientific Literacy
  • Social Literacy

Higher Order Skills

  • Adolescent Well-being
  • Advanced Foundational
  • Creative Problem Solving
  • Emotional Literacy

Entrepreneurial Mindset & Life Skills

  • Leading Self
  • Collaboration
  • Problem Solving
  • Domain Technical


Stories from the Ground

The Change Story of Jhunjhunu – An elaborate study

Our goal was to transform quality of education in schools and improve student learning outcomes through catalyzing behavior change among headmasters, teachers, and district officials. Our theory of change is that behavior change in individuals can lead to system change, “Self-change to system-change”, and provides long term sustainability of innovation and development in public education. Know more