Future-Ready Districts

Our Aim

Strengthen the District Administration to deliver cutting-edge education practices to the schools empowered by the community.

Build future-ready leaders in community and district who govern to catalyse development in schools and spreading of innovations to every school in the district.



Middle managers being capacitated


Teachers and headmasters being capacitated


Schools completely transformed out of 20,000 demonstration schools being set up

1.15 Lakh

Students enrolled back in schools



Child friendly functional libraries activated in schools


Cluster resource coordinators coached to enable continuous school & teacher support


Schools revamped with Building with Learning Aid


Bal Sansad formed in schools

Pillars of Future-Ready Districts

Middle management Development

  • Identifying Coaches
  • Training Coaches
  • Identifying Facilitators
  • Training Facilitators

Constructive Community action

  • Jan Andolan
  • Transformation Roadmaps
  • Community Activities
  • SMC Training

Strengthen Process & governance

  • Monitoring Data
  • Review Meetings
  • Panchayati Raj Meetings


Stories from the Ground

Akanksha: A ray of hope in Hailkandi

Hailkandi is considered as one of the most backward districts of Assam with 50% of the area reserved as forest. It is a part of Aspirational Districts Programme initiated by NitiAayog in partnership with Piramal School of Leadership to improve the performances in key indicators that measure development including education.

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My school, my right

When students campaign for the rights of their friends, when teachers strive for education for all, when community heads participate in school’s enrollment process, when district administration shows keen interest in uplifting all out-of-school children; it doesn’t remain mere an enrollment drive, it becomes a mass movement.

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Where Mothers Meet Schools

Folklores say a lot about people of a community. Understanding the lore is a very important part of connecting with a particular culture and in turn with the people of that culture. Bulauwa is a traditional gathering of adivasi women of Vidisha district of Madhya Pradesh on festivals, celebrations and agricultural off days. 

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Pakur’s Change Story – From the desk of district collector

Pakur District Administration has worked on multiple policies and initiated significant innovations in education infrastructure and leadership development.

I took charge as the Deputy Commissioner of Pakur District in November 2018. At the time I joined, Pakur was in the 111th place out of 115 in the NITI Aayog ranking of Aspirational districts.

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