About Us

A Vision for Change

Kaivalya, a term with roots in Indian spiritual thought, has one of its meanings, ‘freedom from conditioned existence’.

Drawing from this concept, Kaivalya Education Foundation envisions creating public system change by fostering competent and passionate leaders who have the foresight and courage to create large-scale sustainable impact at grassroots.

As a developing nation, Indian education is expected to take 100 years before catching up with the quality of education in other developed nations. Without disruptive action, this 100-year gap will lead to six generations of learners who miss out on achieving their potential.

To bring about this paradigm shift, KEF is committed to addressing/carving/inscribing a gamut of elements in the education ecosystem to ensure no child is left behind.

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The Story of our organisation

Our Theory of Change

‘‘Be the change you wish to see in the world’’

- Mahatma Gandhi

Drawing from Gandhiji’s ethics, our theory of change is grounded in self-change. We believe that change happens in self and then in environment.

When we move from idea to action, fear to courage, apathy to empathy, and from cynicism to belief we are able to change our environment and create a better world.

The focus of our programs is grounded in the core philosophy of self-change leading to human revolution. Michael Fullan’s theory of change revolves around this idea and he rests it on two key principles that we apply to the educational system, namely:

  • Individual change is both the conception and the driving force for a larger systemic change.
  • Systemic change is created when all individuals within that system begin to understand and act within their own sphere of influence whilst retaining an awareness of the bigger picture and thus contribute to broader change within the educational system.

The Change Has Begun...
and This Wheel Continues

It has been extremely heartening to see the fruits of our dreams and action reflect in these numbers – today, in just 10 years, the number of children who do not have access to education has substantially reduced from 85 million to 13 million.

Board Members

Ajay G. Piramal |

Chairman of Piramal Group & Shriram Group

Madhav Chavan

Co-founder & CEO of Pratham

Aditya Natraj |

CEO of Kaivalya Education Foundation & Piramal School of Leadership

Core Team Members

Neelima Pandey

With Kaivalya since 2016

22 year’s professional journey with the organizations including Plan India & CRAE stamped her imprint on Teaching, Clinical Psychology, Child Rights and Community Development Program.

Monal Jayaram

With Kaivalya since 2012

A trained Art Historian and a curriculum expert with an expertise of more than 20 years, in the field of enhancing pedagogy levels through design various tools and techniques.

Raja Natrajan

With Kaivalya since 2019

A principles-led general management leader with 25 years’ strong experience in Finance and Commercial background in both Indian and MNCs, Raja is leading Finance & Admin vertical.

Jainendra Pathak

With Kaivalya since 2018

With a keen interest in the educational transformation, he moved to KEF after serving 23 years as an Indian Air Force veteran, expertise in operations, administration and training.

Rohit Talwar

With Kaivalya since 2013

His 13 years of experience widen in different areas Youth Mobilization, Marketing, Recruitment, Entrepreneurship and Corporate Fund Raising.

Shikha Gupta

With Kaivalya since 2019

Fronting the donors for the organization, possess an invaluable 18 years of experience across all fundraising channels- be it Institutional, Corporate & Individual.

Anurag Sharma

With Kaivalya since 2018

Committed to the cause of educational upliftment through middle managers in public education, his 20 years’ experience enriched his profile in the areas of change and general management.

Debanjan Roy

With Kaivalya since 2018

Leading the sourcing and recruitment program for Gandhi Fellowship with more than 25 years’ experience in Strategy / Retail Entertainment / Sales & Marketing.

Malin Mallikarjun

With Kaivalya since 2016

With a belief to resolve some of the complex socio-economic problems in the area of Education, her 21 years career expertise expanded from international accounting firms.

Vivek Sharma

With Kaivalya since 2010

With … years’ experience at Pratham Education Foundation and cross section of Indian media, Vivek is mentoring inspired young people into becoming leaders of tomorrow.

Kartik Verma

With Kaivalya since 2018

Standing as a pillar of success in Kaivalya Education Foundation with an illustrious portfolio of 18 years’ experience in various companies.

S. Seshadri

With Kaivalya since 2011

S. Seshadri has completed his Advanced Program in Strategic Management from IIM, Calcutta. He has served 25+ years in Finance, Corporate & Investment Banking.

Nandita Rawal

With Kaivalya since 2008

Her 24-year career is rich with experiences in testing school leadership models, building capacity for education professionals, and managing government relations.

Sangeeta Mamgain

With Kaivalya since 2017

Deep-rooted passion to transform education is fuelled by her 18 years’ experience in Web Application Solutions, Entrepreneurship, Customer Relationship Management.

Swapna Samuel

With Kaivalya since 2018

With more than 25 years’ experience in HR and OD across diverse cultures and organisations in Asia Pacific, Europe and the Caribbean, Swapna heads the Human Resource of the Organisation.

Arun Poddar

With Kaivalya since 2015

With 30 years of diverse experience across the industry of television and media business, he moved to KEF to bring holistic development of government schools.

Rajashekar Kaliki

With Kaivalya since 2018

A veteran in the field of technology, he envisages the application of digital technologies to enable the development of multiple skills which would transform the education scenario.

Sandeep Aggarwal

With Kaivalya since 2018

A business leader with over 29 years of global experience across BPO and automobile industries, his rich experience supports him in mentoring senior Leaders in the organisation.

Manmohan Singh

With Kaivalya since 2008

Aiming to improve public health and education, he spent 18 years in leadership development of government officials.

Tripti Vyas

With Kaivalya since 2010

An interest towards developing youth leadership shaped her 20+ years’ experience in the area of youth development in classrooms and field.

Kanika Singh

With Kaivalya since 2019

A professional with a passion for drawing attention to developmental issues to press for change, Kanika is looking after Communications.